Finally, 2016 is over. Let’s look at our budget.

Another year has gone and now it’s time to reflect on our budget and if we accomplished our financial goals for 2016. But first, a general word on 2016–for most of the world, it was just a real turd of a year. The Syrian crisis, the terror attacks in Europe, the Middle East, and the…read more

3rd Quarter Budget: 2016

I think I’m pretty good with budgets. I’ve been practicing with them for years. I think I’m so good that I want people to pay me to help them with theirs. Mrs. Fi and I have pondered starting a small side job (or “side-hustle”) as financial mentors/coaches. We would essentially help people figure out where…read more

2nd Quarter Budget: 2016

We at Fi Big Sky decided that a monthly budget update was excessive and not doing budget updates doesn’t help anyone gain insight into how we spend and save. Before you is the compromise–in all it’s glorious-ness. I stated in my end of year budget write-up that we looked forward to 2016 because our spending wouldn’t be as outrageous. So…read more

Fear and Fortune – Find Your Journey to Financial Wellness

The following blog post is part of The Road to Financial Wellness blog tour. The Road to Financial Wellness is a three-month, grassroots campaign promoting financial empowerment on a national level and encourages people to pursue their dream lifestyle. Find out more about local events near you. Like many personal finance bloggers out there, we…read more

First Quarter Budget: 2016

First quarter budget: 2016? Come for the titles stay for the numbers, amiright? We at Fi Big Sky decided that a monthly budget update was excessive and not doing budget updates doesn’t help anyone gain insight into how we spend and save. Before you is the compromise in all it’s glorious-ness. I stated in my end of year budget write-up that we looked…read more

Fill the Bucket List – Costa Rica

A bucket list has never been my forte. I’ve never enjoyed making a list of activities that I’d probably never carry out. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but let’s face it, a lot of bucket lists are never completed. But then again, it’s hard to complete a compilation of extraordinary activities and…read more

Frugalize That Purchase

[nimbus_typography_two color=”428bca” size=”36px” weight=”normal”]O[/nimbus_typography_two]ne of the things Mr. FI and I wanted to do this year was buy a second laptop. We’ve been successfully sharing one for well over a year but lately we’ve been each wanting to use the laptop at the same time, all the time. Enough was enough and a couple of…read more

2015 Finances – Where Did Our Money Go?

[nimbus_typography_two color=”428bca” size=”38px” weight=”normal”]I[/nimbus_typography_two]t’s that special time of year where I get to pour over the numbers and check out how our 2015 finances did. 2015 was a hectic year for the FI Big Sky family. We dedicated most of our time to the kitchen renovation– and it’s still not complete. But it is mostly complete…read more

Frugal Family Fun: A Quarterly Review

[nimbus_typography_two color=”428bca” size=”36px” weight=”normal”]W[/nimbus_typography_two]ell, if you hadn’t noticed, I kind of dropped the ball on our “fun posts” for the last few months. Between the holidays, working on kitchen stuff and a Thanksgiving funeral, I honestly lost track of time. But let’s fix that. Here are the frugal fun highlights of the last few months…read more

One Car Family and Mr. FI Rides the Bus

[nimbus_typography_two color=”fffff” size=”40px” weight=”normal”]O[/nimbus_typography_two]n a cool, rainy October evening, we said goodbye to something that had been in our lives for three years–our leased car. We turned in the keys, took some pictures of the car (so the dealership couldn’t come back at us for extra charges!), and off we went as a one car family. The car…read more

May is Okay

The weather has been beautiful and I’m in a good mood. So let’s take a look at our May and see how we did. In the last monthly spending report, I covered 2 months. I’ll be going month to month if there are significant enough changes, otherwise expect 2 month reports again. May was significant…read more

Millennials and Our Financial Future

As a Millennial, I am completely aware of the media’s obsession with our generation. I would say it’s flattering, except rarely are the articles shining a light on our promise and success. Rather, Millennials are said to be lazy, wanting free handouts, and aren’t willing to “work their way up” the proverbial corporate ladder. While I’m sure some…read more

Spring is Unkind to Our Bling

In an earlier post, I spoke of how changing spending habits and moving toward early retirement is a slow process. Two months apparently doesn’t mean much long-term (also true of investing!), so while I am a bit upset with our spending up to this point, we did set the wheels in motion for better spending habits…read more

Early Retirement is a Slow Process

I think I fooled myself a bit when I stumbled into the Early Retirement community. Let me explain: I started reading Mr. Money Mustache, Brave New Life, and then various other success stories of early retirement back in January. Because I came upon their blogs largely after the fact, I began from the start in…read more

Personality Tests and Being FI

Hello All, Mrs. FI here with my first post! Unlike my husband who has always been able to write well and express his thoughts effectively the first time he sits down to write a paper, blog post or even email, I’ve always been the type to have to sit on an idea for a while…read more

Betterment and the Early Retiree

You guys, I don’t mean to brag, but I am now invested in stocks and bonds represented in 102 different countries. And it took me all of 10 minutes to do it. Before you start thinking of me as some mind-blowing stock guru, stop, and realize that you can too. Thanks to a company called Betterment. They’re an investing company…read more

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