Frugal Family Fun: A Quarterly Review

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, I kind of dropped the ball on our “fun posts” for the last few months. Between the holidays, working on kitchen stuff and a Thanksgiving funeral, I honestly lost track of time. But let’s fix that. Here are the frugal fun highlights of the last few months for your reading pleasure:

Fun in October

October was full of fall colors and abnormally nice weather. While we didn’t do anything really out of the box or exciting, we did spend A LOT of time outdoors and Russell spent most of his time finding things in piles of leaves.

We also celebrated Halloween, but not in the conventional way, and I got some unneeded wisdom teeth removed. Which wasn’t all that fun, but according to my dentist, it had to be done.

Fun in November

This month was a blur. The nice weather we had in October continued well into November, allowing us to work on our dining room table (which still isn’t finished…long story) as well as our shelving. The electrical part of this renovation project is, once again, much more complicated than we anticipated, so we’re still trying to figure out an under-cabinet-lighting solution that doesn’t break the bank and are holding off on the backsplash until then.

Then, we got our first snow, on November 20th. That’s a good month later than usual, folks. High five, Montana!

The not-so-fun part of this month was my grandmother’s funeral. This meant last-minute flights to Texas for my family and I to attend the memorial service of this wonderful woman, as well as be with my father as he dealt with everything from her passing to her estate.   The funeral was held on Thanksgiving weekend, as that worked best for everyone. Although we would have rather visited our loved ones in Texas for different reasons, being around family for both the holiday and to pay our respects was good.

Fun in December

After returning home in early December, it was time to switch gears and get ready for Christmas. This year, Mr. FI and I decided to try Secret Santa with our families to save a little dough and to make shopping a little less stressful (it’s no secret with our families that we all tend to wait until the last-minute, so each of us buying one gift would be easier than 10+ gifts). While I’m not sure that we actually saved a lot, I know that people at least got quality gifts this year that they actually wanted.

Besides, we saved $50 by making our own “tree” this year instead of purchasing one.

We went sledding, made cookies and did other holiday funtivities that one would expect in a winter wonderland. I also attending “Christmas Movie Day” with my company and my plus one (my littlest sister) at a local historic theater in our town. There we watched Elf where ate as much candy, popcorn and soda as we so pleased. So all-in-all a successful and frugal Christmas.   And that sums up our three months of F.U.N.

What did you do for fun this holiday season? Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your holidays frugal? 

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  1. Fervent Finance

    Great quarter guys! Sorry about your grandmother but glad you were able to be there with your family. I try to keep the holidays frugal by only buying presents for my direct family 🙂

    1. Post
      Mrs. FI

      Thanks, FF! It certainly was a blessing for all of us to be able to afford tickets–and so last minute! As far as presents, we try to only buy for immediate family as well, but we have a couple of “those friends” who always buy us something for Christmas (despite us telling them they don’t need to!) so we feel kind of obligated to do so for them. We’re happy to have such generous friends, but secretly we keep hoping next year they’ll forget. 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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