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Future Focus Leaves Little Room For Laziness

[nimbus_typography_two color=”fd6601″ size=”40px” weight=”normal”]I[/nimbus_typography_two]t’s a cool and cloudy Saturday morning and, after two cups of coffee and several episodes of trash television, I’m hoping to find motivation to go out into my garage to plane pallet wood for what will hopefully be a dining-room table top. It’s mornings like these where I find myself battling…read more

My Fear of Flooring Failure

[nimbus_typography_two color=”fffff” size=”36px” weight=”normal”]T[/nimbus_typography_two]he past several weeks have been both exciting and, at the same time, quite boring for our little blog. On the flip side, there has been a lack of content on this blog. We didn’t suddenly put a hold on posting about our lives and personal finance views. Or that we decided to…read more

Kitchen Renovations and Fighting Idealism

[nimbus_typography_two color=”821c3f” size=”40px” weight=”normal”]S[/nimbus_typography_two]tress can make any problem, no matter how small, seem like the biggest tragedy in the history of tragedies. There have been several points during our kitchen remodel where I went from extremely positive about the process, to a state of total despair in a days time. My expectations are often idealistic when it…read more

The Battle of the Cabinets

[nimbus_typography_two color=”428bca” size=”40px” weight=”normal”]T[/nimbus_typography_two]ime for another update on the kitchen remodel: Quickly after “Demolition Phase” concluded, the FI household moved into “Project Assembly.” Cabinet assembly, more precisely. Unlike the incredibly crafty Mrs. POP and her ability to build cabinets (I know. What CAN’T those POP’s do?) we decided to take the safer route of ordering Ready-to-Assemble cabinets instead. We selected…read more

Kitchen Renovation: Demolition

[nimbus_typography_two color=”428bca” size=”40px” weight=”normal”]I[/nimbus_typography_two]t’s been a little over two years since we bought our first house. It’s a cute little 1950s rancher with ample room for the three of us and in the center of town so groceries and parks are a simple walk away. The yard’s not so small you can’t have a dog and yet not too…read more

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